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Tags: brides cobriding innovation sustainable wedding



Category: News

Tag: brides cobriding innovation sustainable wedding


We proudly present that we are LIVE with

The sustainable wedding platform brideshare was launched on 09.07.2021 and is ready for brides, wifes and experts. 

The journey was challenging and we could only accomplish it with the help of our awesome network – you guys really rock! Thank you so much for all your help and dedication to make our dream come true with brideshare. 

Very special thank you to…


  • Julia Tennert
  • Anikó Hutter

Podcast interviews:

  • Nadja Herth expert from experinate podcast here
  • Valentina expert from Studio de Pasquale podcast here
  • Anna-Maria Rock expert from podcast here
  • Steffi expert from Stefeliz podcast here 
  • Jenny Blattner expert podcast here
  • Jessica Maria Marten expert from Vowwithheart podcast here
  • Lydia Dejas bride podcast here
  • Jan & Macarena couple podcast here
  • Theresa bride podcast here
  • Daisy bride podcast here
  • Selina Koeber bride podcast here
  • Mia Papo podcast here

Wedding experts


  • Geneva Winans
  • Marina Freundt
  • Claudia Fraas
  • Stephy Cordero
  • Wendi Li

Brand, design & development

ixi studio 

Expert testing

  • Andrew de la Fuente
  • Antonia Kljaic
  • Denis Hüper
  • Esmeralda Angulo
  • Lisa Pröfrock
  • Leon Heyn
  • Lydia Bearham
  • Jochen Moraw
  • Marco Gerblinger
  • Max de la Fuente
  • Philipp Jebens
  • Phil Reinold
  • Rosalia Sosa


Events we participated in:

From team brideshare

Samantha & Alberto

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