Co-briding: the alternative you were looking for.

A wedding can be better planned with the cooperation of brides, wives and experts working together to fulfill your dreams, while taking care of our planet.

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Get that wedding done!

Planning a wedding takes an average of 300 hours. As a group, we can solve things faster. Lean on us to get all the support you may need from our co-briding community.

Give Earth a hand

An average wedding produces 180 kgs. of garbage. We promote eco-conscious purchasing by encouraging members to buy and sell pre-loved wedding items to prolong their usable lifetime.

Ease and convenience
for everybody

Brides Bride

  • Experience a more joyful & efficient wedding planning process.
  • Organize your groups of people, keep everyone on board
  • Afford better items as you share the cost with other brides
  • We promote price transparency
  • Free to sign up
    In-app purchases like products and events

Wives Wife

  • Obtain money back by selling your used products among the community
  • Collaborate with other brides and improve the way weddings are done
  • Reduce waste and stress; help the community by sharing
  • Free to sign up
    10% commision fee on products sold and 20% commission fee on events sold

Wedding experts Expert

  • Our tool will connect your products/services directly with matching brides
  • Your work will be shared and talked about within our community
  • Manage your store online
  • Free to sign up
    10% commision fee on products sold and 20% commission fee on events sold

Guest Anyone else may sign up as a Guest user, either if you are here to help a bride or as a regular guest.

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