About us

Hi! My name is Samantha and I am co-founder of brideshare. In 2015, I got engaged, and over the following months, I spent hundreds of hours trying to balance throwing a great celebration, limiting expenditures, and considering the environmental impact. Sounds exhausting, right?

One of my best friends Geneva was in the same situation, and we decided to join forces and help each other out as much as possible; that’s when co-briding was born.

Considering we both wanted the process to be environmentally sustainable, we shared many ideas and rejected others. Our shared experience allowed us to enjoy the process more, reduce costs and waste, and achieve more beautiful weddings than we as individuals could have conceived.

Imagine the possibilities if we bring together brides, wives, and marriage experts from all over the world to collaborate and to revolutionize the way weddings are planned and created. We see a world where the shared knowledge that is generated on brideshare will help us to innovate and to transform the wedding industry, so that the whole experience is delightful for you.

With much pleasure we invite you to join our BETA and start co-briding today.

Team brideshare –

Samantha & Beto