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Eco-friendly wedding confetti


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Imagine you kiss your husband at the altar, you turn to your friends and family and they lavish you with beautiful eco-conscious dried flower confetti. There is no reason to feel guilty since with dried flowers and the cone you have two ingredients that are biodegradable. 

In this eco-conscious wedding style tip we considered two amazon finds:

  1. Dried flowers from Stripey
  2. Eco friendly carriers

How other brides implemented this style tip: 

Option 1:

Place the flower confetti holders at the seat of the guests during the ceremony

Option 2:

Place the flower confetti holders at the entrance before the ceremony with a sign letting them know they should take one

Tips from the bride:

  1. If you place them on the seats place a small instruction so they know what to do with the flower confetti
  2. Ask some of you best friends to encourage the other guests to throw the confetti once you walk back down the aisle
  3. For the guests sitting on the edge they should have the largest amount of flower confetti
  4. Let your photographer know that this is a shot you would like them to capture.

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